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About Angel

Ever since I can remember entertaining, spreading love, and making people feel good has always been a part of me, From talent shows to fashion shows to dancing to theatre to poetry to acting, to the way my gentle spirit and warm smile make people feel loved and welcomed. Wherever you'd find music good food and people freely and happily expressing themselves you'd find me. It wasn't until the tender age of 30 that I had a serious conversation with God and asked the question, “God why am I here?” Now this question came because I was tired of just existing and faking the funk of being happy living outside of my calling. That's when God showed me that I had been walking in my purpose all along but I just had not recognized my power and spiritual influence upon people. My purpose is to spread love to people who are broken and shed light on those in dark places through my art, gentle spirit, and welcoming presence.  THROUGH MY GIFT. Join me on my JOURNEY!!!

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